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Welcome to the Website of the West of Scotland Championship Club.
The championship club brings together a community of like minded pigeon fanciers and individuals who are keen to promote the interest of showing and racing pigeons in the West Coast of Scotland.
Midweek Racing Starts on Wednesday 27th July - Marking at Ardrossan and at Kilmarnock Club Huts

As a newly founded organisation the WSCC team will be actively promoting the interest of the club and during the summer and winter months of this season will be holding social evenings, sponsored racing competitions and pigeon sporting events to raise funds for the clubs future transportation and investment plans.

The WSCC team have purchased their first state of the art Geraldy pigeon transporter and is part of their transportation investment plan.
The transporter can accommodate up to 1,020 pigeons and will be used by its members this season for training, midweek racing and special open racing events planned for the young bird summer season of 2016.
Membership to the WSCC is now open for this season and all club fanciers and individual racing, fancy or show pigeon fanciers in Scotland, regardless of their geographical location are welcome to apply for a membership. Membership to the club is unlimited. An Ordinary membership for 2016 is 45 per member and a Social membership is 25 per member. An application form can be downloaded from our downloads page or by clicking on the link here - Application Form
Race from Mullingar in Ireland is open to any fancier in Scotland

Young Bird Open Race - Mullingar - South Ireland  

Entry Form

The WSCC team are at the final stages and preparing for the special open young bird race from the town of Mullingar in Ireland, scheduled for Saturday 3rd September 2016.
The YB Mullingar Derby race which is approximately 180 miles into central Ayrshire is open to any racing fancier in Scotland. To enter the race you first however need to be a member of the club. You can apply for a 25 social membership which guarantees you an entry into the race. 1st Prize is 1,000... more information and how to enter the race


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